May 12, 2016

As Extreme Environmentalists Push “Keep It In The Ground,” New Report Finds World Will Get 78% Of Its Energy In 2040 From…The Ground


Radical environmentalist Bill McKibben and the Environmentalist Left have pushed their new “Keep It In The Ground” campaign to new heights in 2016. Even Hillary Clinton’s socialist and surprisingly successful primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), has adopted the phrase.

But a new report from none other than the Obama administration poses a challenge the Environmentalist Left has not yet had to answer: if we “keep it in the ground,” where will the world get 78 percent of its energy from?

An Energy Information Administration (EIA) report released Wednesday projected the world will consume more energy in 2040, and that 78 percent of the world’s energy will come from petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

Petroleum “and other liquid fuels” tops the list, as it does now, with the EIA projecting petroleum will provide 30 percent of the world’s energy in 2040. Natural gas will surpass coal and provide 26 percent of the world’s energy, and coal will provide 22 percent.

Renewables – which some environmental groups think can “save the world” – came in fourth, projected to provide 17 percent of the world’s energy in 2040.

The problem for the Environmentalist Left becomes more complicated when factoring in their skepticism or outright opposition to nuclear power: the EIA predicts nuclear will provide six percent of the world’s energy in 24 years.

So the next time someone like Bill McKibben suggests the world’s only choice is to keep fuels “in the ground,” ask: how will you meet 78 percent of our energy needs? It’s why even Obama’s Interior Secretary says “Keep It In The Ground” is “naïve.”