June 6, 2016

Not The Onion: Elon Musk Thinks We’re All Living In A Video Game


Eccentric billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a peculiar argument at last week’s Code Conference in California.

Vox reports:

By far the best moment of Recode’s annual Code Conference was when Elon Musk took the stage and explained that though we think we’re flesh-and-blood participants in a physical world, we are almost certainly computer-generated entities living inside a more advanced civilization’s video game.

Musk thinks our video game reality is a good thing, though, because the alternative is a “calamitous event that erases civilization”:

“Arguably we should hope that that’s true, because if civilization stops advancing, that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization. So maybe we should be hopeful this is a simulation, because otherwise we are going to create simulations indistinguishable from reality or civilization ceases to exist. We’re unlikely to go into some multimillion-year stasis.”

This is not the first time Musk has made bizarre statements or predictions. Business Insider reminds readers of the time Musk suggested “thermonuclear weapons” would warm up Mars and make it hospitable for humans. He predicted driving would be outlawed in the future. He also said once that he needed a girlfriend and asked how much time “a woman want[s] a week” … “maybe 10 hours?”

In 2014, Musk invested in an artificial intelligence (AI) firm so he could “keep an eye” on it, suggesting there are “some scary outcomes” to AI like in the movie Terminator.

Of course, Musk’s virtual reality theory is reminiscent of Leo DiCaprio’s video game hallucinations in a different movie – The Beach.

DiCaprio video game

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