June 28, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Environmentalists Encourage More Arrests, “Militant” Action


Core News recently obtained exclusive footage of environmentalists encouraging more arrests and even “militant” action to advance their agenda.

The footage comes from a panel discussion on “climate justice” at the People’s Summit in Chicago. The Summit’s About page expresses support for “the Fight for 15…a tax on Wall Street speculation…improved Medicare for All, [and] the fight for free and debt-free higher education.”

It was comments on direct action, though, that underscored how the Environmentalist Left is advocating for an increasingly extreme American energy policy.

May Boeve, a panelist from Bill McKibben’s 350.org, invited people who only want to get arrested to join the environmental movement:

MAY BOEVE: This is a great opportunity to figure out: what is it going to take? Whether you’re invested in making your building the most energy-efficient building possible, whether you’re invested in divestment, whether all you want to do is get arrested…[laughs] there’s room for you in our movement.

In another part of the forum, an unidentified panelist pressed for more “militant tactics.”

PANELIST: Clearly the establishment people, including Obama, talk about – you know, when it comes to energy on the all-of-the-above strategy to energy. Well we need an, obviously, all-of-the-above approach to [inaudible]…clearly there’s strategic questions [inaudible]. But, you know, some people say they need mass demonstrations. Some people say we need militant – or, do we need more militant tactics. We need both, obviously. And, you know, God bless the people that are willing to really take militant action. And God bless the organizers that organize massive rallies. We need it all, clearly.

The radical comments came as the Environmentalist Left pulls the Democratic Party closer to extreme positions on energy, from banning fracking to implementing a carbon tax. McKibben is one of fifteen people on the influential Democratic Party platform committee.