July 28, 2016

Tom Steyer Dodges When Asked About His Political Spending


Tom Steyer managed to make himself into even more of a hypocrite in an interview with Bloomberg this week. The billionaire, who made his money investing in fossil fuels, railed against campaign finance laws, and then moments later dodged a question about his own campaign spending in the same interview.

Watch as Steyer dodges a straightforward question about his political spending:

Steyer so far is the largest individual political donor of the 2016 cycle and has single-handedly bankrolled his superPAC NextGen Climate. He even refused to rule out spending $200 million on this election cycle, instead saying that they (he and his superPAC) “will do what they think is necessary”.

This isn’t the first time that Steyer set the bar for campaign spending, either. He was the largest individual donor in the 2014 cycle, spending over $73 million while pushing his green agenda around the country via his superPAC. Evidently, like his time investing in fossil fuels, Steyer is fine with hypocrisy as long as he’s the one doing it.

Yet, despite the huge sums of money he has spent, Steyer’s efforts have not accomplished much beyond buying influence in the democratic party. Perhaps this is because his funds go toward flawed strategies, influencing uncontested primaries, or polls comparing candidates to fictional characters.