August 4, 2016

McKibben Throws Full Weight Into Stopping Pipeline That Benefits Ratepayers


Bill McKibben, not satisfied with forcing wind projects on Vermont, has now focused his home state efforts on stopping a pipeline the government says will benefit ratepayers.

McKibben detailed his new efforts in an op-ed published Wednesday by VT Digger:

The Public Service Board hearing this week on the gas pipeline down the west side of the state may be the last official chance to actually stop the project. The chances are grim, of course — once Vermont Gas started laying pipe, it lost its last chance to back down gracefully.

McKibben goes on to list three reasons why the pipeline is, as he calls it, “a global warming machine.” He takes a bizarre sidebar to suggest global warming is somehow causing Zika, and then explains why his pet energy sources, wind and solar, are the only options:

The price of a solar panel has plummeted by 75% since Vermont Gas started on its quest. Windpower is now the cheapest way of generating electricity across much of the planet.

Of course, McKibben didn’t mention the massive government subsidies to wind and solar that have helped make the price so low. The U.S. Department of Energy’s most recent study, measuring FY2013 subsidies, demonstrate the outsize attention given to wind and solar.

EIA study

McKibben also conveniently excluded the government’s main reason for greenlighting the project: despite some cost increases, the pipeline “will still benefit ratepayers.”

Of course, this is consistent with McKibben’s modus operandi on energy: wind and solar only, at whatever cost to taxpayers and ratepayers.