August 30, 2016

Steyer Dodges – Twice – On “Keep It In The Ground”


In a wide-ranging interview with the Desert Sun, Tom Steyer managed to avoid answering two very direct questions on the “Keep It In The Ground” movement.

Steyer, who has contributed millions to the Environmentalist Left, could not give a clear answer on this signature issue:

TDS: Do you have an opinion on the “keep it in the ground” movement, which is urging President Obama to stop leasing federal lands for coal, oil and gas extraction?

STEYER: If you look at how much of our fossil fuel reserves have to stay in the ground, based on keeping us under two degrees Celsius, I don’t understand what these oil companies are thinking. You look at those numbers and you say, “You’re spending tens of billions of dollars to develop potential assets, where it seems to me there’s a reasonable chance to a very good chance you’re never going to get to develop them.”

The Desert Sun picked up on Steyer’s non-answer, and pressed again:

TDS: So should the federal government stop leasing public lands for fossil fuel extraction?

STEYER: When you think about how we’re going to address climate change, there are two ways to do it. Well, there are three. The uncontroversial one is, we need to do more research on the federal level to push clean energy technologies faster. That’s uncontroversial. But the question you’re asking is, to me, a question of, “Do we need rules, or do we need markets?” Both! Both!

Steyer’s lack of a clear position is all the more ironic given his mentor, Bill McKibben, has tussled with the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign on “Keep It In The Ground.”

What’s more, several environmental organizations unequivocally support “Keep It In The Ground”: 350.org, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and more.

Will the Environmentalist Left take California gubernatorial prospect Steyer to task? Keep up with Core News to find out.