September 1, 2016

Has McKibben Abandoned Bernie – And 350.org – For Hillary?


On Tuesday, Australia’s The Age published a Bill McKibben op-ed – one of many, many, many recent op-eds in major publications from the public figure and globe-trotting citizen.

The op-ed itself was nothing special, just more of McKibben’s end-times rhetoric. What was most interesting was The Age’s bookend to the piece:

Screenshot from The Age

Talk about burying the lede! Apparently McKibben – who recently railed against Hillary Clinton in, you guessed it, an op-ed – is now working or advising Clinton in her climate “war room.”

This is, well, news to Core News. As recently as July, McKibben was a Clinton holdout. His no-compromise positions on fracking and the “Keep It In The Ground” movement have put him at odds with Team Clinton throughout 2016.

Earlier this month, 350 Action called on the Clinton Foundation to end “it’s [sic] investments in fossil fuel companies.” During the Democratic presidential primary, 350 Action criticized Clinton for refusing to back a fracking ban. They even called Clinton’s pledge to stop fossil fuels “an empty claim.”

350 Action also brags about “keeping the pressure on” Clinton at public events:

If McKibben is indeed a part of Hillary Clinton’s climate “war room,” he would be bringing himself and 350.org closer to the Democratic nominee than ever before. This is problematic for Bernie fans and devoted adherents of McKibben’s extreme ideology.

So, Core News has to ask: is Bill McKibben now a surrogate for the Clinton campaign?