September 14, 2016

Bill McKibben’s Environmental Extremists Look To Take Root In Montgomery County, Texas


Earlier this week, the Houston Chronicle profiled Conroe, Texas environmentalist Bob Jones’ efforts to establish a new chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby in “the reddest county in one of the country’s reddest states,” Montgomery County, Texas.

Not mentioned in the Chronicle’s story is that the work of Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been endorsed by the leader of the extreme Environmentalist Left, Bill McKibben. The founder of the far-left 350.org climate group, McKibben has personally vouched for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, saying, “I love working with Citizens Climate Lobby… enormously grateful for their persistence and creativity!”.

Climate Lobby McKibben FB

McKibben has been called an “ideological zealot” and has branded the millions of hard-working Texans employed by the energy industry as “radicals”:

“Radicals? They work at oil companies and coal companies and gas companies. They’re willing to alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere to make money. No one has done anything more radical than that.”

McKibben issued a call-to-action for his supporters to “kill” the energy industry, which has provided a reliable source of economic prosperity and opportunity for many Texans:

“If you can’t do fossil fuel energy, after all, you have to do something else — sun, wind, conservation. This business of driving stakes through the heart of one project after another is exhausting. So many petitions, so many demonstrations, so many meetings. But for now, there’s really no other way to kill a zombie.”

McKibben strikes a certain anti-American tone writing that the U.S. is “nothing short of a rogue nation” while calling the growing American economy “disastrous,”:

If you assembled all the world’s politicos in one room- capitalists and socialists, Democrats and Republicans, Tories and populists, bureaucrats and ultranationalists- the one goal they could all happily endorse would be economic growth. In the memorable phrasing of candidate Clinton, “It’s the economy stupid.” Any yet through an environmental prism, such growth is disastrous. It means we grow larger each year, not smaller.  

An advocate for population control, McKibben actually wrote a book advocating for American families to be limited to one-child each – not unlike in China – and even suggested that senior citizens consider suicide:

I’ve argued strenuously that we’ve reached a moment when single-child families make sense as a cultural norm.

“Fewer tubes and monitors at the hospital- but a third of our medical care costs are consumed in the last year of life, and everyone I know has the sneaking sense that Dr. Kevorkian is, well, right.”

Having compared energy exploration to Hitler’s Third Reich and believing that World War III is currently underway, Texans should be alarmed by the McKibben-led Environmentalist Left’s arrival in the Lone Star state.