September 22, 2016

McKibben To Union Workers: I Don’t Care About Your Job Or Family


Prolific op-ed drafter Bill McKibben showed up in the liberal New Republic on Thursday with a new manifesto on stopping any and all new drilling or pipelines.

It’s a run-of-the-mill rant for McKibben, who regularly espouses extreme ideasusually in op-eds. What makes this one different is McKibben’s brazen affront to union households:

The head of the Building Trades Unions agreed: “Members have been relying on these excellent, family-supporting, middle-class jobs with family health care, pensions, and good wages.” … Union workers have truly relied on those jobs to build middle-class lives, and all of us burn the damned stuff, all day, every day. But the problem is, it is that simple. We have to “turn away.” We have to “keep it in the ground.” The numbers are the numbers. We literally cannot keep doing what we’re doing if we want to have a planet.

In the above paragraphs, McKibben tells every union family that their job, their health care, their pension, and their good wages do not matter. When McKibben says “[w]e have to ‘turn away’,” he is essentially telling “tens of thousands of skilled workers” – as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called them – that he intends to turn them away from their jobs.

With this shot across the bow at Big Labor, McKibben may be aiming for Tom Steyer status as an enemy of union workers. While McKibben does tout unions that have jumped on to the Environmentalist Left’s agenda and Steyer spends freely to support Big Labor’s agenda, they both could draw ire from the rank-and-file members because of their opposition to American energy.

How will Trumka, Big Labor, and the union rank-and-file react to McKibben’s utter disdain for their livelihoods? Keep up with Core News to find out.