September 29, 2016

McKibben: If You Want New Energy Jobs, You’re A Climate Denier


Prolific op-ed drafter Bill McKibben is at it again, writing in The Age – for the second time in a month – about Australian energy. McKibben now claims that if you want new energy from gas or coal, you’re a climate denier:

The first rule of holes is, when you’re stuck in one, stop digging – in this case literally. That means no coal-mine “expansions” in NSW. It means even the reconfigured smaller version of the proposed Carmichael Mine that Indian company Adani has begun to tout in Australia’s Galilee Basin is out of bounds. The new math means that, from this point on, anyone proposing a new fracking field, coal mine or oil well is, in effect, a climate denier.

This should come as no surprise, though, given that just a few weeks ago McKibben essentially told union workers in energy that their jobs, families, health care, and pensions don’t matter:

[McKibben:] The head of the Building Trades Unions agreed: “Members have been relying on these excellent, family-supporting, middle-class jobs with family health care, pensions, and good wages.” … Union workers have truly relied on those jobs to build middle-class lives, and all of us burn the damned stuff, all day, every day. But the problem is, it is that simple. We have to “turn away.” We have to “keep it in the ground.”

McKibben’s piece is just the latest escalation in his growing disdain for American workers. What’s next – calling anyone who works in a coal mine or on a gas pipeline a “climate denier”?

Also worth noting from this piece is a change – from just last month – in how McKibben identifies himself to The Age. As Core News previously reported, The Age identified McKibben as “part of Hillary Clinton’s climate ‘war room’” in August.

That designation is conspicuously absent from McKibben’s September op-ed.