October 4, 2016

President Obama To Bill McKibben: Start Living In The Real World


As Bill McKibben suggests that anyone who supports fossil fuel investments is “despicable,” President Obama – no friend of American energy himself – issued a strong wakeup call to energy extremists like McKibben.

Via Politico:

Later in the event, Obama said he understands environmentalists’ concerns about potential risks of fracking, but defended the need for natural gas and nuclear power as part of the nation’s energy mix.

Until the world develops the perfect zero emission energy source, “we’ve got to live in the real world,” Obama said. “I say all that not because I don’t recognize the urgency of the problem, but because we’re going to have to straddle between the world as it is and the world as we want it to be and build that bridge.”

In a recent op-ed in The Age, McKibben claimed that anyone who supports a “new fracking field, coal mine or oil well is, in effect, a climate denier.” So, under his logic, that makes President Obama a climate denier as well.

President Obama’s comments are reminiscent of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s belief that the #KeepItInTheGround movement is “naïve”:

Will McKibben take his unrelenting war on American energy to President Obama? Keep up with Core News to find out.