October 13, 2016

Steyer’s Operatives Sought To Politicize Natural Disaster Victims. Seriously.


On the surface, Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer may appear to be a sincere – yet radical – environmentalist. However, new emails published by WikiLeaks appear to show Steyer making political calculations to further his influence and advance his political ambitions in the Democratic Party.

In a email, one of Steyer’s key operatives, Chris Lehane, proposed to then-Obama advisor John Podesta the idea of an “extreme weather SWAT team” to politicize victims of natural disasters:

The memo recommended enlisting every federal agency in the effort, appointing a climate policy lead in each agency, and regularly coordinating messaging and policy efforts with a point person at the White House. It also proposed the creation of an “extreme weather SWAT team” that would immediately seize on natural disasters and other extreme weather events to advance a political and communications agenda.

Similar to how now-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) spoke of never letting a crisis go to waste, Steyer appeared ready to let victims of a natural disaster be used as political pawns.

Steyer, once a recommendation of Podesta’s for Secretary of Energy, seems to put a higher emphasis on achieving political victories for Democrats after a disaster than the immediate needs of the victims.