October 14, 2016

Environmentalist-Backed Candidate Turns Against Fossil Fuel Divestment


Alice Madden, a former Colorado state house majority leader running for the University Colorado University Board of Regents, came out against the university divesting from fossil fuels:

“I do not support divestment,” Alice Madden, a former state House majority leader and Obama administration official, said in a statement to Complete Colorado.

Madden’s newly public position on fossil fuels is likely to run afoul of the Tom Steyer-funded and Bill McKibben-backed groups supporting her:

All three groups supporting Madden’s candidacy – 350.org, Conservation Colorado and LCV – have close ties to California billionaire Tom Steyer, who is a huge supporter of fossil-fuel divestment. Steyer has donated at least $500,000 to 350.org, $475,000 to LCV and $200,000 to Conservation Colorado’s campaign arm in recent years. Conservation Colorado held an awards dinner in Steyer’s honor last year and the group’s parent organization works hand in hand with the California billionaire.

Madden is “an accomplished Democratic insider”:

Madden, an accomplished Democratic insider who recently took a six-figure job at CU’s law school, is running for a statewide seat on the Board of Regents. Her opponent, Republican Heidi Ganahl, is a small business owner and political newcomer.

Madden, as one of two female candidate running for “at large CU regent board seat,” hopes to sway the board to majority Democrats for the first time since 1979, even if that means taking sides against her backers from the Environmentalist Left for the moment.