October 19, 2016

Jet-Setter Bill McKibben Wants You To Cool Your Jets


Environmentalist Left leader Bill McKibben, who travels frequently by air to speak at numerous public events all over the world and called for using America’s defense budget to fight a climate “war,” doesn’t want you to have the same opportunities to travel as he does.

McKibben and his allies on the Environmentalist Left have set their sights on restricting air travel, and the latest example of this fight is their opposition to expanding London’s Heathrow Airport. Earlier this year, McKibben took to Twitter to celebrate when environmentalist protestors received no jail time after being found guilty of trespassing during a protest against airport expansion.

In 2015, McKibben signed a “letter a solidarity” to British prosecutors calling for charges against the protestors to be dropped.

It’s ironic that, as McKibben has availed himself of air travel across the world to preach his climate agenda – even joking about his own “massive carbon footprint” – he wants to limit the growth of air travel for everyone else.