October 19, 2016

McKibben Plots The Environmentalist Left’s Takeover Of The Democratic Party


Bill McKibben is out with – yes – a new op-ed, published in The Nation on Tuesday, in which he plots how he’ll continue to influence a potential President Hillary Clinton.

McKibben makes clear that, despite Clinton’s vow to put coal miners out of business and her support from the Environmentalist Left, the Democratic nominee is not extreme enough for him:

[Young people] were asking [Clinton] about the scientific studies showing that we can’t actually keep mining and drilling new supplies of coal, oil, and gas if we’re going to meet the temperature targets set with such fanfare in Paris last year. … They were also asking her to take a stand against fracking, since new studies demonstrate quite clearly that the release of methane from the use of natural gas makes climate change worse. Publicly, she hemmed and hawed.

McKibben’s op-ed echoes statements he made over the weekend, calling for “a couple of hundred thousand people” to mobilize against Clinton.

See the video and partial transcript below, courtesy of Core News:

BILL MCKIBBEN: Thanks to Bernie’s, you know, to Bernie’s unwillingness to give in easily, the Democratic platform was actually extraordinarily strong on a lot of issues. And it allows us a real chance to push if Clinton gets elected.

Among other things, it promises that there’ll be an emergency climate summit within 100 days of her taking office. If that happens, then we need to have an emergency climate mobilization. Because we’re gonna need – not a couple of hundred scientists and policy people from the White House. We’re gonna need a couple of hundred thousand people on the streets outside the White House.

Of course for McKibben, who has shown contempt for union jobs in energy and calls anyone who invests in fossil fuels “despicable,” nothing short of full capitulation from Clinton will satisfy him and his movement.

The only question that remains: will Clinton cave to him, as the Democratic Party did with their platform this summer?