October 20, 2016

NIMBY Alert: Leo DiCaprio Ditches Climate For Open Spaces In LA


Vox is out with some pointed criticism on climate issues this week, but the target is an unusual choice for the liberal blog: actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Vox’s David Roberts points out that DiCaprio is supporting an “anti-density ballot measure” in Los Angeles that would limit high-rises and large buildings in the neighborhood.

Roberts, and his colleague Alissa Walker, explain that DiCaprio’s desire for more space and nice views is actually harmful to the climate he claims to care so dearly about:

This point really cannot be emphasized enough. Whether you look narrowly at greenhouse gases or more broadly at all pollution — climate, air, and water — clustering people together is a more effective mitigation strategy than almost anything else you can do. If you have to choose between six families living in a six-story building powered by coal and natural gas and six families in six separate homes with solar panels on the roof and Priuses in the driveway … you choose the six-story building.

Of course, this is not DiCaprio’s first foray into climate hypocrisy. The actor is a fan of mega yachts, takes private jets to accept environmental awards, and is a fan of SUVs.

It seems Leo hues to a popular mantra on the Environmentalist Left: do as I say, not as I do.