October 28, 2016

Podesta Emails: Steyer Coordinated With Team Clinton to “Lock Down” California Dems


The Podesta emails have revealed how Tom Steyer and Bill McKibben – the country’s two most powerful environmentalists – colluded on pro-Clinton protests, and how Steyer crossed Podesta (“I didn’t expect to get f***ed by you”) through his outrageous demands for Clinton.

In the latest released documents, the emails appear to reveal Steyer and Podesta working together in 2014 to tip the Democratic caucus in the state to Hillary Clinton before she announced her candidacy.

Steyer’s “top political strategist” Chris Lehane sent this email to Steyer in December 2014 [emphasis ours]:

[1/27/15 or 1/28/15] Is the day ca senate d’s would like to see if John p can come talk to them about climate… They are having their 2015 retreat those days and want to pursue an aggressive agenda… Also, a goal with Kevin, is to lock down the caucus for HRC… I am in SF tomorrow and will call to circle back on various items…

Steyer forwarded the email to Podesta four days later, who responded “I think I will be in India with Pres” – apparently referring to President Obama, who visited India in January 2015.

Steyer responded to Podesta by saying: “Let me know what to tell them.”

The exchange reveals that Steyer was working with Team Clinton as early as 2014 to move California Democrats to Clinton’s corner. The primary, held on June 7, 2016, was closer than expected: Clinton beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 53.4% to 45.7%.

One thing is clear: despite Tom Steyer’s insistence that his money has not bought influence with California Democrats, he’s done just that for several years.