October 31, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Confesses To His Large Carbon Footprint


In Leonardo DiCaprio’s newest project “Before the Flood,” a National Geographic documentary, the actor-turned-member of the Environmentalist Left admitted the world benefited from fossil fuels and that his carbon footprint was “probably a lot bigger than most people’s”:

“There’s no doubt we have all benefitted from fossil fuels. I know I have. My footprint is probably a lot bigger than most people’s. And there are times when I question what is the right thing to do. What actions should we be taking? There are over a billion people out there without electricity. They want lights. They want heat. They want the lifestyle that we’ve had in the United States for the last hundred years. If we are going to solve this problem, we all have a responsibility to set an example. And, more than that, help the developing world to transition before it’s too late.”

DiCaprio’s self-realization that he “probably” has a bigger carbon footprint than most is a gross understatement at best. Huffington Post contributor Cody Battershill called out DiCaprio’s hypocrisy for traveling on private jets and yachts while also demanding action on climate change.

As environmental extremists like Bill McKibben maneuver to implement their radical agenda, DiCaprio has been using his star power and fame to hold fundraisers and advocate an environmental agenda that he doesn’t even adhere to. What’s amazing here is that DiCaprio causally notes the quality of life that traditional fuels have helped provide and the billions of people that hope to experience that same lifestyle in the future. DiCaprio “is in good company” for climate hypocrisy, and his latest documentary is just another example.