October 31, 2016

Steyer’s Money Pays for Job-Killing Policies in Colorado


A new Complete Colorado piece out Saturday reveals how Tom Steyer’s money could buy job-killing energy policies in the Colorado legislature next year.

From Simon Lomax:

The Colorado Independent reported this week that Democrats are planning a new standing committee on climate change if they win control of the state legislature. … If they are successful, Sen. Lucia Guzman of Denver will likely lead the new Democratic majority in the upper chamber, the Independent reports. And according to Sen. Guzman, the new climate committee will “move the state in the direction of supporting more renewable energy” and try to help rural communities cope with job losses in the fossil-fuel sector.

Lomax goes on to explain that Guzman wants to partner with Conservation Colorado on policies that will kill fossil fuel jobs. Conservation Colorado’s campaign arm has received at least $200,000 from Steyer’s super PAC.

Of course, the ever-bashful Steyer has tried to claim his money cannot buy influence – in his home state of California or elsewhere.

Even Steyer’s friends know better, though. California podcast host Randy Shandobil, who Steyer has hired for ad work, has “wonder[ed] about [Steyer’s] personal ambitions, because of the spending.”

And a leak of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman revealed last week that Clinton’s team wanted to work with Steyer to “lock down” California Democrats for Clinton in early 2015.

This article – and many more released throughout 2016 – reveal one thing in particular: Steyer, the biggest spender of 2016, appears to be getting his hedge fund money’s worth in political influence.

That’s bad news for hard-working Americans who could lose their jobs if Steyer’s policies are enacted.