November 3, 2016

Tom Steyer Aims To “Roll Back The Reagan Revolution”


In a recent Bloomberg interview, Steyer revealed that his agenda is not about saving the environment, but instead is about partisan Democratic politics to “roll back the Reagan revolution.”

The push to regain California’s reputation as the nation’s progressive stronghold is being aided by billionaire hedge-fund founder Tom Steyer, who has poured more than $17 million into five of the 17 questions on the ballot next week. The measures also may be aided by a 2011 state law that puts initiatives before voters only in November, when turnout among Democrats is highest. “What we’re really looking to do is roll back the Reagan revolution” of conservatism, Steyer said in a telephone interview.

Steyer is a partisan billionaire former hedge fund manager who has been spending his fortune to buy influence in the Democratic Party. Steyer holds the distinction of being America’s top individual political donor in the 2016 election, and it appears his money talks.