November 17, 2016

Is The Environmentalist Left Coming To A Town Near You?


NPR reports that the Environmentalist Left may bring its campaign against energy jobs from the national level down to states and local communities. Jane Kleeb – who helped organize the campaign against the Keystone XL pipeline – revealed the latest strategic thinking of the Environmentalist Left:

 “[W]e may not be fighting at the national level as much now, you know we are really going to be focused on the local and state level.”

Kleeb and other Environmentalist Left activists want to make energy projects “financially not attainable” by tying up projects with new regulations or blocking permits:

“When you do these things, if you end eminent domain, if you put more precautions on, if you do better zoning, it really becomes financially not attainable for a pipeline company to really build these pipelines.”

Kleeb’s remarks come after a report this week that Environmentalist Left leader Bill McKibben hopes to build a “tea party of the left.”