December 6, 2016

City Spends $100K On Wind Turbines To Save $1.50 In Electricity


It seems one U.S. city now regrets purchasing new wind turbines. A city official from Port Angeles, Washington noted a recent purchase of more than $100,000 worth of wind turbines has created only minimal power bill savings:

Once they are working to generate electricity, they will produce so little power — $1.50 worth of electricity a month in savings — that at least one council member is regretting her decision to purchase them.

Environmental extremists like Bill McKibben have called for using America’s defense budget to combat climate change. McKibben has also endorsed a Stanford University academic’s multi trillion-dollar plan for wind turbines across the United States:

“I’m convinced by the careful work of Mark Jacobson and others that this is possible.”

Professor Jacobson’s energy plan calls for massive taxpayer investment in wind turbines and other renewable energy.

Wind turbines not only require petrochemicals to manufacture, but also can kill thousands of birds a year when operational.