December 14, 2016

Obama Administration Signs Death Warrant For American Eagles


Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made a final ruling on wind turbines that will sign the death warrant for tens of thousands of protected eagles.

According to Politico Pro, the Fish and Wildlife Service’s new rule extends “the period that wind projects can be permitted to injure or kill protected eagles from five years to 30 years.”

Core News previously covered the Obama administration’s consideration of this rule, which would let wind turbines kill up to 4,200 bald eagles per year.

Even with evidence from a recent study suggesting wind turbines may be particularly dangerous to bats, the administration is allowing wind farms to kill more iconic American eagles:

In a study published Monday, researchers in the United Kingdom found that environmental impact assessments — the main tool used to predict the ecological effects of a new energy development — commonly failed to predict the number of bats that would have fatal collisions with wind turbines’ spinning blades.

Academics, such as Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson, call for massive taxpayer investment in wind turbines, and environmental extremists like Bill McKibben demand “sun and wind and hydropower” replace fossil fuels.

It appears the decimation of American’s most iconic bird is an acceptable cost for “green energy.”