December 16, 2016

Study: Fracking Creates U.S. Jobs, Makes Other Industries More Competitive


A new study from The London School of Economics (LSE) reveals that fracking is good for American jobs.

More from LSE:

We document that output in energy-intensive sectors expands significantly with the widening of the natural gas price gap. Consistent with that observation, we show that the energy-intensive sectors absorb more capital (measured by capital expenditure decisions as a proxy) and labour (captured by employment) in order to produce this additional output.

Translation: fracking creates American jobs and makes American businesses more efficient.

Of course, the Environmentalist Left is rarely an advocate for jobs – if those jobs get in the way of their radical agenda. A fracking ban, which Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer support, would cost nearly 15 million jobs by 2022.

Even vanquished Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton said fracking opponents need to “get a life.”

To no one’s surprise, though, the Environmentalist Left has learned no lessons from 2016. Instead, they’re doubling down on American job losses, taxes, and expensive energy.