December 19, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Chooses Chinese Electric Vehicle Company


Jet-setting Leonardo DiCaprio, a self-appointed spokesperson for environmental activism, has decided to cash in on his fringe rhetoric. DiCaprio recently announced he will serve as a “brand ambassador in China for BYD’s line of new energy vehicles:”

BYD Company announced today that Leonardo DiCaprio, UN Messenger of Peace and Academy Award-winning actor will serve as new brand ambassador in China for BYD’s line of new energy vehicles. The company is one of the largest new energy vehicle manufacturers in the world, accounting for 11 percent of the global market in 2015 alone. 

But DiCaprio’s rhetoric don’t match his behavior. In his recent documentary “Before the Flood,” DiCaprio openly admitted that his carbon footprint was “probably bigger than most people’s.” This, of course, isn’t surprising, considering the DiCaprio’s “environmentalist” lifestyle consists of private yachts, luxury SUVs, and private jets.

DiCaprio’s recent move to support a Chinese electric vehicle company is hardly surprising. In 2016, DiCaprio has made a point to surround himself with fellow out-of-touch elites, all while he has preached a doctrine of doom about the environment.

Ironically, DiCaprio invests in a country that won’t even allow people to speak freely about the environmental issues that its people face. It seems his goal is to exploit a taxpayer-funded, niche market by catering to the ultra-wealthy like himself.

Environmentalists like DiCaprio try to talk up electric vehicles by claiming they are “clean” and “green,” but in reality they rely on rare earths that cause nightmarish environmental damage in places like China.

DiCaprio enjoys a lavish lifestyle far above that of the average working American. Now he plans to use his clout, money, and time in China to cash in on his radical rhetoric.