January 3, 2017

New Study: Fracking Benefits U.S. Households


A new study by “leading [U.S.] economists” finds that fracking benefits the incomes of local households.

More from the Financial TimesFT for short:

Increased oil and gas production in the US is on average worth a net $1,900 per year to households in the areas where activity is highest, according to the first research to break down the impact of the shale boom on individual areas.

The study by leading US economists helps support the case for countries and communities allowing shale oil and gas production.

FT reports the study also found the benefits are even greater “in the Bakken shale oil region of North Dakota.” Oil and gas production there are worth $9,100 per household “in the counties with the greatest shale activity.”

Of course, improved livelihood in these regions is no concern of the Environmentalist Left. Many Democrats, including Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer, support a nationwide fracking ban. Their views are so extreme that even Hillary Clinton told them to “get a life.”

Unfortunately, the radical left rules the day in 2017’s Democratic Party. If McKibben and Steyer get what they want, the benefits cited above will be sucked out from countless households around the country.