January 31, 2017

Extremist Rhetoric From Sierra Club Leader At Austin Protest


The Environmentalist Left has been using public meetings as a forum to spout off unsubstantiated claims to push their radical agenda in Texas. That rhetoric reached a fever pitch during a protest last Thursday.

Tane Ward, an organizing manager for the Sierra Club, accused the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission of supporting fascism and spoke against capitalism prior to the leading protesters in chants accusing a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission of committing genocide.

“Does the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission support fascism? You bet it does.”

“This is a last, violent gasp of a dying beast. Capitalism is dying. What happens when a beast is dying? It lashes out with teeth and claws. But don’t worry about those teeth and claws, don’t fight the teeth and claws, that’s how you get hurt. The claws you see here standing in front of this building, don’t get angry at those claws, they will die with the beast.”

“K-E-L-C-Y, you’re committing genocide.”

The protest was organized by the Austin Environmental Texas Justice Team, an offshoot of the Sierra Club, who was protesting Kelcy Warren’s seat on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. Kelcy Warren is the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners and has already been the victim of false claims spread by social media according to The Dallas Morning News.

Multiple protesters had to be escorted out of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting according to KTBC, including one masked protester. A spokesperson for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission stated that there have been threats aimed at both Warren and his family and that the safety of their visitors, staff, and commissioners is their top priority.

Ward’s extremist rhetoric is not the first time we have heard extreme views from environmental activists, as 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben has previously suggested that traditional energy efforts are worse than Hitler and Nazism.