February 21, 2017

Pruitt Promises to Fulfill the EPA’s Core Mission, Enviro Left Freaks Out


In his first interview since being confirmed as EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt promised to return the EPA to its mission of working with states to maintain and improve the environment. The Environmentalist Left freaked out, since this does not align with their mission of ending oil and gas use in the United States.

More from The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel:

When Mr. Pruitt sat down Thursday for his first interview since his November nomination, he spent most of the time waxing enthusiastic about all the good his agency can accomplish once he refocuses it on its statutorily defined mission: working cooperatively with the states to improve water and air quality.

…Mr. Pruitt has read those laws his agency is charged with enforcing, and they guide another major change: a rebalancing of power between Washington and the states. “Every statute makes clear this is supposed to be a cooperative relationship,” he explains, “that Congress understood that a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work for environmental regulation, and that the state departments of environmental quality have an enormous role to play.”

This idea of returning the EPA to its core mission, instead of aggressive legislation and regulation on behalf of environmentalist groups, enraged the Environmentalist Left.

Bill McKibben’s 350.org said that Pruitt’s “confirmation is part of the Trump administration’s bigger plan to dismantle the EPA and stonewall climate action.” The Center for Biological Diversity called Pruitt an “anti-environment zealot.”

Translation: Pruitt will enforce environmental laws and protect air and water, but won’t pursue the Environmentalist Left’s all-out effort to make energy “as expensive as possible” and send oil and gas pipelines into “purgatory.”

It seems like the Environmentalist Left is still struggling with the fact voters rejected their agenda in 2016. Still, it appears they have not learned any lessons from the election.