March 1, 2017

After Trashing DAPL Site, Enviro Left Looks for New Pipelines to Protest


Although extreme environmentalists like Bill McKibben insisted that the Dakota Access Pipeline protests were special moments in the environmental movement, it seems the Environmentalist Left is already prepping to pursue new “Keystone [XL]” moments in the new year.

Dakota Access protesters started vacating their protest sites in February – setting their camps on fire and leaving puppies to freeze in the process – but Reuters reports that environmentalists are already looking for their next spot to set up camp:

Other projects mentioned by protesters as possible next stops include the Sabal Trail pipeline being built to transport natural gas from eastern Alabama to central Florida, and Energy Transfer Partners’ Trans-Pecos in West Texas. Sabal Trail is a joint project of Spectra Energy Corp, NextEra Energy Inc and Duke Energy Corp.

Another protest is focused on Plains All American Pipeline’s Diamond Pipeline, which will run from Cushing, Oklahoma, to Valero Energy Corp’s Memphis refinery in Tennessee.

…”It’s never been about just stopping that pipeline,” [protester Anthony Gazotti] said.

The protesters’ honesty reveals a truth Core News has discussed for a long time: the Environmentalist Left intends to kill all pipelines in the U.S., regardless of the economic consequences for families and businesses in America.