March 7, 2017

VT Farmer Pokes Holes in Enviro Support for “Industrial Renewables”


Suzanna Jones, a farmer in Vermont, is poking holes in her fellow Vermonter Bill McKibben’s enthusiastic support for an “industrial-scale renewable energy” plan.

In an op-ed for VT Digger, Jones points out that the construction and maintenance of “clean” wind and solar have consequences for the environment:

The benefits of industrial renewables may be debatable but the costs are not, as many in northern Vermont know firsthand. Wildlife habitat destruction, bird and bat deaths, pollution of headwaters, filling of wetlands, community conflict and the desecration of our mountains are only a few of the consequences. Further impacts happen on the other side of the world, where the mining of rare earth metals – a key component in high-tech wind turbines – leaves another trail of destruction.

In August 2016, McKibben used a New Republic op-ed to call for a World War II-like industrial mobilization to build solar panels and wind turbines. He endorsed the so-called “Solutions Project” by Stanford professor Mark Z. Jacobson.

America Rising Squared (“AR2”) recently released a white paper detailing the economic damage Jacobson’s plans would do to America. Jacobson responded with an unhinged Twitter tirade comparing AR2 to Nazis and mass murderers.