March 23, 2017

Meteorologist Thinks Sierra Club Deserves Nobel Prize for Killing Coal


On Monday, a noted meteorologist tweeted that the Sierra Club’s effort to shutter coal plants and kill coal jobs is “worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.”

The meteorologist, Eric Holthaus, wrote the tweet in celebration of the Sierra Club’s “250th US coal plant that’s retired or committed to retire” under their “Beyond Coal” campaign:

This, of course, is the same campaign that The Washington Post covered in 2015 (emphasis ours):

And coal’s share of electricity generation is waning, with natural gas and renewable energy taking its place. Only a handful of coal power plants have been built in recent years, and the Sierra Club keeps a tally of canceled coal-fired power plants like trophies on the wall.

Of course, this anti-jobs celebration should match up well with Holthaus’ extreme views. He suggested, in a 2015 VICE op-ed, that people should not have children because of climate change:

For natural pessimists, the inexorable destruction by climate change leads to thoughts that fall along the lines of this Jezebel headline, which asks: ” Why Would I Ever Want to Bring a Child Into This Fucked Up World?” Because really, why the hell would someone of procreating age today even consider having a baby? It feels like an utter tragedy to create new life, fall in love with it, and then watch it writhe in agony as the world singes to a crisp.

One thing is for sure: the Environmentalist Left will continue to make anti-human arguments in their relentless push to end oil, gas, and coal production in America.