March 23, 2017

New Meaning for ‘Cult Following’: 350.org Supporters Dance to McKibben Speech


This week, Core News unearthed a nearly-six-year-old video that shows an interesting side to 350.org, the radical environmental movement started by Bill McKibben.

The video, published by a user named Peter Nielsen, is a 10-minute interpretive dance set to remarks from McKibben. The beginning of the video says it was for “Moving Planet: An International Day of Action,” on Sept. 24, 2011:

In the bizarre video, at least seven dancers twist and turn to ten minutes of a McKibben speech on climate. They start with black outfits that say “CO2” on them, before shedding those clothes for red T-shirts that say “350.org.”

Then, though, the red-shirted dancers shed again, for blue and green T-shirts with “350.org” on them.

Bicyclists ride by the interpretive dancers as McKibben suggests, in his speech, that all of Earth’s inhabitants can ride bicycles instead of driving cars.

This hero-worship of McKibben’s plain speech seems odd, but maybe that’s why it was difficult for Core News to find a trace of the episode.