March 31, 2017

Enviro Left Agrees: Time to Stop an Approved Pipeline (Again)


It’s the white whale the Environmentalist Left just can’t let go: Keystone. After the Trump administration approved the Keystone XL pipeline last week, environmentalists doubled (tripled? quadrupled?) down on stopping the approved pipeline.

A short list of actions pledged by extreme environmentalists:

  • Bill McKibben pledged that construction will “never” start on the pipeline
  • McKibben’s 350.org will “take their fight to local congressional districts during Congress’ April recess and prod lawmakers to publicly renounce support for the pipeline”
  • McKibben ally Jane Kleeb, based in Nebraska, “said lawsuits in the state could extend that timeline for years
  • The Sierra Club argued that, somehow, “[t]his project has already been defeated, and it will be once again”
  • The League of Conservation Voters, Oil Change International, and more vowed “to fight the federal government’s actions
  • And – of course – protest efforts; some activsts have suggested a rehash of the Dakota Access protests with camps at the segment of the pipeline “that will stem from the Canadian border through Nebraska”

Never mind that this is the second State Department – Obama’s State Department gave President Obama every reason to greenlight the pipeline in 2014 – to effectively sign off on Keystone. The Environmentalist Left seems determined to stop Keystone, no matter what the law says.