April 13, 2017

Greenpeace Activists Make Noise, But Lack Real Solutions


Greenpeace is at it again. This time, they are “swimming in front of oil exploration ships” because protesters are angry over new oil exploration:

Mr Norman, who was one of the swimmers protesting, said [Greenpeace] was mad that the government was allowing the pursuit of new oil.

Environmental activists reeling from a string of recent defeats can’t seem to let go, or even admit that their failed strategy may need changes.

As the Environmentalist Left makes noise and proposes infeasible radical solutions, there are others – like Carl Bentzel in a recent Morning Consult op-ed – who are throwing support behind American efforts to expand oil and gas exploration, following the successes from places like Norway, Canada, and Cuba:

The world economy relies on oil and gas for transportation and energy, and will for the foreseeable future, as ultimately, we transition to renewable fuel sources. There is hope that we can continue to reduce carbon and other emissions caused by oil and gas use, but not to acknowledge that energy usage will not continue to be controlled by the laws of supply and demand is fantasy. We should be looking at other countries that have successfully balanced their environmental obligations with successful programs to produce offshore oil and gas.

Environmentalists might find value in obstruction, but they lack solutions that reflect reality. In 2016, an Energy Information Administration (EIA) report projected the world will consume more energy in 2040 than it does now, and that 78 percent of the world’s energy will come from petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

Greenpeace, no doubt, will continue to insist on no new energy projects.