April 17, 2017

Environmentalist Left Leans on Lawsuits in 2017


Environmentalists’ latest “roadmap” for policy in 2017, after across-the-board losses in 2016? Turning to blue states and relying on lawsuits:

What’s more, environmental groups in blue states can sue to enforce these more stringent standards (see Tool Number 1 above). And they can lobby blue state legislatures and agencies to strengthen their state’s environmental rules.

Environmental activists’ recent defeats have only reinforced their ideological extremism. Activists are repeating the same old strategies, rhetoric, and extremism, just with new tactics like the ones mentioned above.

Forbes reported activists are now planning to rely on litigation and opposition to fight the development of American energy:

No matter who’s in office, every major EPA rule ends up in court. It’s inevitable. Industry groups and many Republican-run states fought every major EPA rule under President Obama, and Democrat-led states and green groups will do the same with President Trump. This type of partisan litigation has been commonplace since the EPA was created almost fifty years ago.

As the Environmentalist Left makes noise and changes its tactics to litigation and a focus on blue states, the reality remains: the Environmentalist Left’s proposed solutions are considered by many to be infeasible and radical.