November 17, 2016

International Energy Agency‌: Oil Isn’t Going Anywhere


Yesterday, a new International Energy Agency‌ (IEA) report gave the global energy economy a “really interesting dose of reality.” NPR’s “Marketplace” reports that oil “is going to be around” a whole “lot longer than we had been thinking.”

As “Marketplace” reported, part of what is driving long-term demand for oil is that “oil is in everything,” including plastics and other materials in the products the world’s population uses every day.

Even the “green technology” with which environmentalists hope to replace fossil fuels, such as wind turbines, need petrochemicals to be manufactured.

The Environmentalist Left’s “Keep It In The Ground” movement doesn’t appear to want to address how the products we depend on, or the technologies their movement supports, would be made if we did, in fact, keep it in the ground.