May 11, 2016

After Pledging To Put Coal Miners “Out Of Business,” Clinton Gets Routed In West Virginia


Hillary Clinton lost the West Virginia primary to Bernie Sanders in a resounding fashion on Tuesday – receiving only 36 percent of the vote – which is especially jolting when remembering that she received 67 percent of the vote in 2008 there. Exit polls revealed Clinton’s pledge to put coal miners “out of business” played a role in her huge loss.

CNN exit polls found only 29 percent of voters from coal-industry households supported Clinton, compared to 40 percent of voters from non-coal households.

ABC News exit polls showed similar results, with Clinton getting a paltry 31 percent from voters with a coal industry worker in the household.

CBS News exit polls painted a starker picture, with “almost two-thirds” of voters in coal industry households supporting Sanders.

If the exit polls are not enough, see these headlines from the last 36 hours on Clinton’s efforts in West Virginia:

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The Washington Free Beacon: McCaskill: Clinton’s Coal Comments Were ‘Unfortunate’

The Hill: Clinton’s coal gaffe likely hurt in West Virginia

Clinton’s loss in a state she previously won by 41 points is one more indicator that there’s a real cost to pay for the Environmentalist Left’s war on energy.