August 26, 2016

Environmentalists Try Shifting Blame For Their Failed Green Cars Revolution


As electric and hybrid vehicles sales stall across the country, radical environmental groups like the Sierra Club are scurrying to place blame on automobile dealerships.

Our volunteers told us that nearly half the time EVs were not displayed prominently, and that the plug-in cars were often hard to find on a dealership lot.

However, in reality, the Sierra Club fails to understand the diverse challenges of selling cars that very few people want:

Electric cars remain a tough sell to those outside a relatively narrow, self-selected group of buyers concentrated along the West Coast and in the urban Northeast.

Customers’ concerns with electric cars vary, from strong fears of range limitations to the fact that electric cars resale values are tanking:

Goyal has tracked electric-car prices as they’ve exhibited a massive slide in the past couple of years…

The Environmentalist Left continues to relentlessly push green cars on unwilling consumers, at the taxpayer’s expense. American consumers, though, seem just fine sticking to the cars they know and love.