September 2, 2016

Will The Environmentalist Left Dictate A Clinton Presidency?


Environmentalists are already reeling from their failed efforts to place anti-fracking initiatives on the Colorado ballot, and have now fired a warning shot directed towards Hillary Clinton if she were to tap Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to lead the Interior Department in her potential administration.

Politico reports:

Environmentalists are sour on the Democratic governor for his outspoken defense of the oil and gas industry, in a state where two anti-fracking measures just failed to make the November ballot. They are warning Clinton against giving Hickenlooper power over the nation’s fossil fuel resources as Interior secretary, a spot that presidents of both parties have often given to popular Westerners.

A Hickenlooper nod would place Clinton at odds with a “vocal part of the Democratic base” along with her own anti-fracking views.

The Environmentalist Left is already on high alert after Clinton named former Colorado Senator Ken Salazar (D), a “reliable friend” to the fossil-fuel industry, to lead her transition team. Gov. Hickenlooper is also close to the Clinton transition chair.

A Colorado environmentalist anticipates that if he were picked, “all the big greens would wind up against [Hickenloooper].”

“He’s not done much for the conservation movement in general — it’s not just fracking. He just hasn’t done much. But he’s been so extreme on fracking that I think it’s going to present a problem for Hillary.”

Will Hillary Clinton allow the Environmentalist Left to hold her potential administration hostage or will she reward her committed anti-fracking supporters, like Gov. Hickenlooper, in spite of Green movement’s threats? Continue to follow Core News for more developments.