September 27, 2016

“Civil Disobedience” Group Speaks Up At Public Meeting Over Lake Houston Drilling


At the third public meeting over drilling exploration by Tri-C near Lake Houston, the Environmental Left voiced its concerns over the use of fracking and the use of fossil fuels despite its importance to local economies in Texas.

Two anti-energy groups, Earthworks and Texas Drought Project, voiced concerns at the meeting, once again spouting off unsubstantiated claims to push their radical agenda. Over the past couple of weeks, Earthworks has been in the news after producing a “report” that was devoid of any real facts.

Texas Drought Project, another biased environmental organization, says its goal is “divestment from fossil fuels and non-violent civil disobedience.” At the public meeting Jere Locke, a representative from the organization made erroneous claims on the relationship between contaminated ground water and fracking:

Locke also stated that fracking uses approximately 700 chemicals and that for every frack of approximately 6 million gallons uses 100 to 500 tons of chemicals.

“Some of it comes back,” Locke said. “Much of it stays underground and if it stays there long enough and there’s enough movement underground, it will eventually, at some point, get into the drinking water, the ground water, the lakes and aquifers.”

These untrue claims by Texas Drought Project have already been proven wrong by President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency, who reported in June 2015 that, “fracking hasn’t harmed water supplies,” as reported by National Review. The four-year multi-million dollar report concluded, “we did not find evidence that [hydraulic fracturing has led to widespread, systematic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States.”

According to The Lake Houston Observer, although Tri-C has made clear they do not intend to use hydraulic fracturing, it has done little to appease environmentalists determined to achieve divestment from fossil fuels. Facts have done little to stop anti-energy groups from promoting their radical mission.