October 11, 2016

The New Champion Of Fracking: Hillary Clinton


Far-left environmentalists protesting oil and gas development across Texas may now have a significant new opponent: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

That’s because in emails publicized by WikiLeaks, Clinton appears to champion the benefits and importance of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. In a 2013 speech she gave to Deutsche Bank, Clinton said that as a result of fracking, America is now “truly on a path … [to] be net energy exporters”:

“Fracking was developed at the Department of Energy,” the document shows Clinton saying. “I mean, the whole idea of how fracking came to be available in the marketplace is because of research done by our government. And I’ve promoted fracking in other places around the world.”

 In another excerpt of the same speech, Clinton outlines why she supports a continued push for fracking.

 “The ability to extract both gas and oil from previously used places that didn’t seem to have much more to offer, but now the technology gives us the chance to go in and recover oil and gas,” the document shows her saying. “Or with the new technology known as fracking, we are truly on a path — and it’s not just United States; it’s all of North America — that will be net energy exporters assuming we do it right.”

Texas environmentalists that are trying to slow fracking efforts in the state, those who recently protested recently to stop exploration near Lake Houston, should listen to Clinton and recognize the real opportunity that its expansion presents to the state and the nation.