October 19, 2016

Environment Texas Study Misleads On All Fronts


From fear mongering on the backs of children and the elderly to failing to appropriately define “fracking,” Environment Texas and the Environmentalist Left have once again relied on tactless and faulty claims to push their extreme anti-energy agenda.

Last week, Environment Texas released a new report, that referenced how many schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, and hospitals are located within one mile of a fracking site. The report uses children and elderly people as props to advance their radical aim of banning fracking by inaccurately claiming “fracking puts the nation’s most vulnerable people at risk.

Conservation director Cyrus Reed of Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter came to a rather extreme conclusion following Environment Texas’ study:

“This report lays out a pretty clear choice for Texas and the Legislature,” said Cyrus Reed, conservation director for the Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter. “Choose to protect children or the oil and gas industry.”

Thankfully Reed’s conclusion is only based on egregious data and the exploitation of children. The report attempts to fuel the fears of the masses by using an array of previously debunked claims and an inaccurate definition of “fracking”:

Throughout this report, we refer to “fracking” as including all of the activities needed to bring a well into production using high-volume hydraulic fracturing. This includes drilling the well, operating that well, processing the gas or oil produced from that well, and delivering the gas or oil to market.

By relying on a misleading definition of fracking, debunked claims, and the all too typical fear tactics of the Environmentalist Left, Environment Texas has done nothing to advance their misguided goals and only misinformed the people of Texas to try and score political points.