October 19, 2016

The Environmentalist Left’s Latest Demand: Don’t Mow Your Lawn


In a blog post for EcoWatch, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has a new instruction for Americans: don’t mow your lawns.

“In a case of taking ‘the grass is always greener’ a bit too literally, American homeowners have long strived to make their lawns brighter, lusher and more velvety than their neighbors’. But all that competition has a devastating environmental impact. … 

“Luckily, today more Americans are ready for a change. ‘We’re on the cusp of a transition that will likely take place over the next 10 to 15 years, away from the conformity of mowed turf,’ said Ed Osann, senior policy analyst and water efficiency project director with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Water program.”


Unfortunately, this is one in a long line of greatest hits from the Environmentalist Left – radical ways they want to dictate what people do and how they do it.

There was the time in 2014 – and that other time in 2015 – that the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) told people to not rake their leaves (“[l]eave leaves on the ground”).

NWF also has a kids’ page on their website that encourages children to eat bugs – with a warning way down in the seventh paragraph to not try it at home (“[s]ome [bugs] may be poisonous, for instance”).

Greenpeace doesn’t do much better with children, grabbing headlines with 2014 ads of a Finding Nemo­-like fish getting chopped up in a blender and LEGO characters drowning in crude oil.

It seems like the Environmentalist Left just can’t help itself.