November 3, 2016

LCV Victory Spends $1.5M on Ad for Clinton


The Environmentalist Left is going all in for Hillary Clinton in the final days of the campaign. Case in point: the LCV Victory Fund announced on Tuesday it would spend $1.5 million on an ad to help Clinton win in North Carolina.

From LCV Victory’s press release:

Today, LCV Victory Fund is announcing the launch of a new $1.5 million TV and digital ad campaign in the Presidential race against Donald Trump, with the support of Priorities USA. The TV ad will run in North Carolina, while the digital is targeted to multiple states.

Curiously, the ad has nothing to do with energy, climate, the environment, or even LCV’s hand-picked candidate Hillary Clinton.

This is not the first time LCV has spent big money to elect Clinton. In fact, LCV Victory brags about its spending on Clinton in the same release:

This buy builds on LCV Victory Fund’s previous work in support of Hillary Clinton, including a $2.6 million persuasion mail campaign targeting millennials and persuadable voters as well as a $4.2 million persuasion canvass campaign in North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

In October, Hot Air‘s Jazz Shae detailed how the Clinton campaign and the LCV coordinated on a questionnaire to help Clinton earn the group’s endorsement:

The LCV could have simply taken Clinton at her word from her previous statement and given the nod to Sanders, but they sent detailed information about what the campaign needed to do in order for them to gain the endorsement.

LCV is spending big on other liberals in North Carolina, dropping $3 million two weeks ago to get Senate candidate Deborah Ross elected.

It’s clear that as much as LCV may claim to stand up for “environmental values,” it’s really just another cog in the Democratic machine.