November 17, 2016

Environmentalist Left’s 2017 Plan: Make Energy “As Expensive As Possible”


The Environmentalist Left plans to spend 2017 doubling down, after a 2016 that can only be described as an across-the-board failure.

That is, according to a representative from The Sierra Club who spoke to Mother Jones on Thursday:

Debbie Sease, senior lobbying and advocacy director at the Sierra Club, says her organization’s strategy lies in playing defense by filing legal challenges, galvanizing the public, and using the marketplace. If a coal field is going to be developed, for example, activists can make it as expensive as possible to comply with existing regulations and force the developer to deal with a public backlash, she says.

There you have it. The Environmentalist Left’s foolproof plan for 2017 is to…make American energy more expensive. Good luck!

It’s just another sign environmentalists are not learning lessons from their losses in 2016. Last week, The Sierra Club’s Michael Brune spent a post-election press conference bashing coal:

“Coal is not coming back,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, at a press conference last week. “If anyone hears otherwise from the president-elect or any leader in Congress or at the state level, those are empty promises whose intention is to distract voters and to distract citizens away from any attempt to confront reality.”

In March, Hillary Clinton took a similar tone on coal, pledging to put coal miners “out of business.” Those comments did not prove to be a winning strategy for her in last week’s election.