December 6, 2016

Where’s the Beef? Environmentalist Left Seeking 40% Tax on Your Burger


The Environmentalist Left has vowed to make energy “as expensive as possible” in 2017. They have also pledged support for a “pipeline purgatory” in the U.S.

One Huffington Post op-ed even asked men to have a vasectomy to fight climate change.

Now, it seems the Environmentalist Left has found their next target: burgers.

The liberal Alternet has more:

[…T]he authors of the study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, propose what would essentially be a 40 percent carbon tax on beef. Taking into account the climate effects of other types of foods, the researchers likewise propose a 20 percent tax on milk, 15 percent on lamb, 8.5 percent on poultry, 7 percent on pork, and 5 percent on eggs.

That $10 burger you get at a bar downtown? It’ll be $14 now, if the Environmentalist Left has their way. Oh, and milk, poultry, eggs, and other essentials will be more expensive, too.

The study’s reasoning for a 40% beef tax? Cow farts contribute to climate change:

About a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions come from raising food, and much of it can be tied to the production of meat. The global beef industry is particularly egregious, from its massive clearing of carbon-storing forests to the cattleā€™s odious production of methane, which is 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon.

It seems the Environmentalist Left’s 2017 plan includes making food “as expensive as possible.”