January 26, 2017

Sierra Club’s 2017: Make Natural Gas “A Thing of the Past”


If you thought the Environmentalist Left would moderate its extreme positions after nationwide losses in 2016, think again. TIME has the details of a new Sierra Club report that says the radical group will seek an end to natural gas in America in 2017:

More than 200 sites of pending natural gas power plants and thousands of miles of pipelines represent the next frontier in environmental activism focused on halting fossil fuel development, according to a new report.

…The document, produced by the Sierra Club and shared exclusively with TIME, follows a years-long initiative aimed at retiring coal-fired power plants.

The report page, on the Sierra Club’s website, brags of a vision where natural gas is “a thing of the past”:

We have a vision of a world powered by clean energy, where dirty and dangerous fossil fuels are a thing of the past and everyone can enjoy a safer climate, cleaner air and water thanks to renewable energy resources. Today, the Sierra Club is going all-in on clean energy. As we move America Beyond Coal, we must invest in the current clean energy revolution — not another filthy fossil fuel like gas.

It’s a remarkable flip-flop for the Sierra Club, who once took $25 million in donations from the natural gas industry.

Of course, when the Sierra Club boasts of wanting to retire natural gas plants, they don’t mention their campaign would impact upwards of 630,000 Americans working in the oil and gas sectors.

The Environmentalist Left consistently shows little concern for American jobs, though. Their two-part plan for 2017 is “expensive” energy and “pipeline purgatory.”

It’s not the first time Sierra Club has shown no concern for American jobs, either. Their “Beyond Coal” campaign, referenced above, kept track of cancelled coal plants “like trophies on a wall.”