February 2, 2017

Feel Bad About Binge-Watching? The Environmentalist Left Wants You To


After a long day, all you might want to do is come home and watch your favorite show or movie on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. Not so fast. Now the Environmentalist Left is targeting the carbon footprint of these services in an apparent effort to make you feel guilty for binge-watching.

Greenpeace’s new “Click Clean” report is the latest effort to pressure tech companies to change the way they operate, and sway people from using online streaming services.

That’s right – the Environmentalist Left wants to make you feel guilty for watching the shows and movies you enjoy.

Greenpeace’s logic is that higher demand for streaming increases the need for storing and transmitting data, which demands large amounts of electricity. The source of that energy is what the organization takes issue with, and it is actively trying to force streaming services to change their sources of energy.

This is not the first time the Environmentalist Left has attacked the electronic services we all use on a daily basis. They have also gone after email, video games, and TV as well.

It remains unclear what entertainment options the Environmentalist Left deems worthy.