February 21, 2017

Officials Race To Clean Up Environmentalist Protest Site


New photos from North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum’s (R) office show the continued environmental damage done by environmentalist protestors who attempted to block construction of the Dakota Access pipeline:


Core News has been reporting on the “massive amount of waste” left behind by the #NoDAPL activists. The Washington Times estimated that protesters abandoned 200 vehicles, which could end up in the very river these activists claim they want to protect:

“There are roughly 200 vehicles down there at last count, ranging from cars and pickups to rental trucks,” George Kuntz, vice president of the North Dakota Towing Association, told Western Wire. “We’re going to have a very drastic situation trying to keep these vehicles from getting into the river — what everybody’s been trying to protect from Day One.”

Fox West Dakota reported that crews with an estimated “250 trucks” would be needed to clear the camp of its “mountains of debris” before the spring thaw:

Sanitation crews are working hard to dispose of six months’ worth of garbage from a community the size of Wahpeton or Valley City. The mountains of debris need to be moved before the spring thaw occurs.