February 22, 2017

Dakota Access Protesters Light Camp on Fire


As the Wednesday deadline for Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to leave their camp site approaches, some are vowing “to stay put.” Some protesters, though, are lighting the protest site on fire.

Journalists covering the Dakota Access protests tweeted video and images of the fires started by protesters on Wednesday:

Jordan Chariton, of the liberal Young Turks, wrote on Twitter that the protesters — who fashion themselves “water protectors” — would rather burn structures “than let #DAPL bulldoze” the site:

Of course, when the “water protectors” burn their camp site they also risk releasing particles, vapors, and toxic gases into the air.

The fires also make the protest site a less safe space for everyone there, and risk adding to the already hefty bill North Dakota taxpayers are footing for police presence at the protest site:

North Dakota legislators have borrowed a total $28 million from the Bank of North Dakota specifically to fund the police and National Guard presence and other expenses for the pipeline protests. So far, North Dakota taxpayers have borne the entire brunt of the bill, which has included some $4 million for National Guard pay and travel, $2.2 million for the state highway patrol, $503,000 for “security supplies,” and $354,000 for cameras, according to official state documents, including internal memos, emergency budget requests, and expenditure reports.

No word yet from the Environmentalist Left on whether burning the protest site is a useful or environmentally-friendly decision from pipeline protesters.